2011 Christmas Message

Dear 1960's decade JSA veterans:

First of all, I would like to wish all Joint Security Area (JSA) veterans and their families a very merry Christmas and happy New Year holiday. I hope that you all have enjoyed receiving my information e-mails sent this year about the Orlando JSA veterans reunion, Panmunjom history and other matters of interest to us all. I certainly enjoyed meeting some of you at the reunion, and communicating with many others via e-mail and telephone during 2011.


Below is a poem entitled, "The village of Pan Mun Jom," which was written by JSA vet Alan Jenner (79-80) of East Falmouth, Massachusetts. He wrote this poem some 10 years after serving in the JSA unit at Panmunjom.

The village of Pan Mun Jom

The years have gone by and still its with me yet
Can't get it out of my mind, I just can't seem to forget
We spent our time looking across the MDL
We had to stay awake, we knew this so well
Our 'Friends'on the other side really knew their stuff
They could be vicious, they could be rough

We were told about the ax murders of that infamous August day
How Capt. Bonifas was clubbed and kicked to death by the KPA
And how Lt Barrett's body was so hard to find after fight that day
This could be our fate and there was nothing to say
Would you believe it was all done because of a tree
And every day it stood before us, with its special memory

The days were so very long
And the nights, when anything could go wrong
This all happened in the village of Pan Mun Jom
No one lives in this village, in the 'Land of the Morning Calm'
Just the soldiers with sweat in their palms

This place requires a one year tour
Some extend, but one year it quite a thing to endure
Hours on end you stare into the face of a crazy man
You don't even try to explain, because you know he won't understand
He has his job and it's to see you fall
He's been told and he's ready to answer the call
Even now I remember those long nights spent on the 'Z'
Even now when I close my eyes I can see it so clearly
Its been many years from now
And how we survived it all, sometimes I wonder how
We had only to stay a year
But we know that even today there's still someone there
Doing the same things we had to do
'In Front of Them All', those very few
Funny as it may seem, if I could be there, I'd go right now
I'd do it all again and survive it somehow
And if I sound like a crazy man
Then you've never been there and you just don't understand

We have some very talented individuals among our JSA veterans group, including at least one poet.


Alan Jenner also found the below link to a home movie of a 1969 Military Armistice Commission (MAC) meeting posted at the Internet youtube website. In addition to the MAC meeting activities, it shows some of the early construction for the sunken garden area built on the south side of the Pagoda and Red Cross buildings. Unfortunately, I do not know the identity of the JSA veteran who took this home movie back in 1969, and recently posted at the youtube website.

1969 home movie of the JSA


Last month I received the following e-mail message from JSA vet Michael Treglazoff (07-10) of Mead, Oklahoma who has created a website offering JSA/Panmunjom merchandise for sale.

I wanted to hook up with you because I heard you had the contact info for thousands of JSA Veterans. I've been busy working with Al Jenner in creating JSA Veteran merchandise for sale on my Zazzle.com website (linked below my signature). What I would really like to do is donate all proceeds to help pay for future JSA reunions, I don't make much on the sale, it all depends on how much royalty I add to the price of each item, the lower I lower the price, the less money I'll have to donate; sort of a Catch-22. If possible, I'd like to ask you to send an email to all of your contacts to make them aware of the site and where the money will go. They can go to the site and become a fan, this will inform them of new items I add, and they can also use the graphics to make anything they want. I'm not in it for myself, my retirement is good enough for me; I think I'm one cent in the good on the sale of almost 550 decals thus far. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated, if you need any assistance with the reunions, I am always available; I seem to have become the other JSA go to guy.

Michael & Lisa Treglazoff Mead, Oklahoma armyzoff@gmail.com US Army Infantry (Retired) http://www.zazzle.com/panmunjom

You can also access Treglazoff's website from Raymond Jones' JSA website: www.jsasite.com. ; Click on the link "Post Exchange" to view the website's merchandise.

Jim Mazour, JSA 1973-74 West Des Moines, Iowa

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