4 KM

A novel by Raymond Jones

Paperback - ISBN 9781432789275
Hardcover with Dustjacket - ISBN 9781432789473

The 2nd edition has been published. To avoid purchasing the 1st edition complete with imperfections, make sure it is v5.0 r1.0.

It gives me great pleasure to announce the publishing of my book "4 KM". If you are a JSA veteran, you will probably remember that 4 km is the width of the Korean DMZ. Most of the story takes place on one side or the other of the DMZ and/or the 38th parallel. Some of the action takes place within the DMZ.

In 1969, a young soldier from Maine is selected to serve as an elite security guard at the Joint Security Area in Panmunjom Korea. The narrative tells of his experience there. While in Korea, that young man, Rex Stone, meets and marries a wonderful Korean woman, a survivor of the war, who lived north of the 38th parallel during her first 12 years.

After Korea, Rex ETSes, and they come to Maine to settle down. Mrs. Stone still bears emotional scars from the war. Over the years, bit-by-bit, she tells Rex about her war years and her much-loved older sister who disappeared then. If she survived the war, with a high degree of certainty, the sister would be in North Korea.

When Kim Jung Il comes to power in North Korea, Rex hopes that this may be an opportunity to try to locate his missing sister-in-law. At the same time, he still must guard her background details. The family belonged to the yangban (aristocrat) class, anathema to communists.

Mrs. Stone passes away, but Rex, dedicated to her memory, is still determined to find her sister if she is still alive. Several years later, Rex learns that, against the odds, the his sister-in-law IS alive and wants to escape to South Korea. In 2007, Rex goes back to Korea with the intent of rescuing the sister-in-law he has never met.

Disclaimer: This story is fiction. Rex Stone, as characterized here, never existed.