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. I just found your JSA website today and discovered my picture among the four posted by Larry Anderson on his Pg. 2. I'm the guy looking into the camera. I'm afraid I can't identify the two guys with me as their faces are not showing, although I suspect that the one on the right may be Gary Bledsoe.

I served at JSA from November 1967 to February 1969. On the evening of April 14, 1968 I was scheduled to drive the truck carrying members of my platoon north for guard duty, but developed a very bad case of stomach flu that day and became incapacitated. Sgt. James Anderson took my place as driver and was killed, along with three others, a few minutes later when the truck was attacked by North Koreans. It's been nearly 45 years and I still remember, with great sadness, the details leading up to that incident, and its aftermath, as if they had just happened. - - Bruce Abbott

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