Particularly younger Americans may not be "up to speed" on the horrendous evils of communism. On the surface it might appear to be an innocent system which treats all people equally and fairly. Sounds good? SORRY, but it something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. Some Americans in literature and art even tried it out on Brook Farm in the mid 1800s in the U.S. The experiment didn't last long. It ended in a complete disaster with nearly everyone there hating almost everyone else there. Below is a brief primer on communism. Communism is a cancer on the surface of the world!

1) In reality all are equal except the communist hierarchy, their cadres, and those who can afford to give bribes.

2) Communism places a zero value on individual worth. You exist ONLY for the state.

3) Communism takes away personal liberties.

4) With communism, the philosophy is your god - none other allowed.

5) To further the aims of communism, ANYTHING is acceptable. A good example is LIES.

6) Communism inadvertantly discourages hard work and encourages laziness.

7) Communism requires attending regular meetings to confess your personal shortcomings to your superiors.

8) Communism replaces your soul.

9) Communism bars free thought. You must think only what you are told by your superiors.

10) As it is practiced, Communism requires you to report on the words and actions of your neighbors, friends, and even families,

11) If you willingly become a communist, essentially you are saying "You are smarter than I am. Take my life and use it as you will."

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