Hi all. My name is Dave Burke (pictured above) and I am an English teacher with a BA in Creative Writing in North Sacramento. I served at USASG-JSA as the Motor Pool Dispatcher in 74 & 75. I have written a novel tentatively entitled 'Touching the Sun' about Yong Jul Gol during this time (under the name 'David Grayson'). A Hollywood script has also been written and is is being circulated among major motion picture producers right now by David Rimer (Personal friend of mine and Assistant Director for both Quentin Tarentino and Robert Rodriquez. Check out his work so you'll know this is serious and quite real at http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0727255/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1.) David also co-wrote the screenplay with me. I am holding off on publication of the novel until if and when the movie gets picked up by a producer (worth more $ that way!).

What I need from all you guys are scanned photos from the mid 1970's of JSA Quonset huts, motor pool, Admin office (Cpt. Chet Young's office) mess hall, NCO club, and dispatch office (all of these inside and out if you have them). I also need pics of Yong Ju Gol street scenes--day & night, including clubs (inside & out), especially The Cave Club and the Moon Tea Room (inside & out), the turkey farm by the Tae Ju Pol bridge, and the bridge itself. Also helpful would be shots of business girls, store fronts, small hootches and restaurants (inside & out), and anything else similar. Even pics from one of the other 'GI' towns would help... Son Yu Ri, etc.

Your photos will not be published, so they don't have to be pro-quality and you needn't worry about being ripped off. The photos will only be used by set makers to recreate scenes of Yong Ju Gol & JSA on movie sets.

Help make this movie happen! If you can help, or just want to say hi, email me at: mcteach53@comcast.net. I can't pay you, but anyone who sends photos we can use will be sent an electronic copy of the novel in WORD format as soon as it is picked up by a publisher, and later (this part can take up to a couple years), a free, personally autographed copy of the actual novel upon publication.


'In Front of Them All'

Dave Burke

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