The Defector Became a Swinger
by Bill Buntin

Webmaster's note: It is my understanding that, in advance, the UN Command was aware that there would be a defection at this MAC meeting and had planned ahead for it. Bill Buntin who was the intended driver for the escape tells what occurred.

The real story is, I was picked to make the run. The top North Korean news guy was also an agent. They moved me to the front of the line of sedans that took the UN generals away after the meeting. They took my flag and put a white one on my car and moved me. Then all hell broke loose.

The North Korean jumped into Terry McAnelly's car right behind mine. Captain Baird and Colonel Thompson slugged it out with their guards as the shooting started. McAnelly sped away with Thompsom and the spy being fired on. He hit a North Korean barrier, and Terry was injured, but they escaped as the fighting continued in Panmunjom. I took a couple of generals and Colonel Charlton inside the JDO for cover. Thacker, Thompson, Baird, Parker and several more including George Kalamaras did some butt kicking.

Second Divison sent men to Panmunjom's base camp. Later the spy was hanged by the South Koreans as being a double agent.

We were on alert at the base camp and took sniper fire for a few days after that. There are several photos of the shooting and fight. Terry still cannot get help from the VA for his injuries.

Check out Larry Loessin's photos of the incident.

For JSA veterans by a JSA veteran