Submission Guidelines

In addition to our JSA veterans, this site, in some cases, is visited by grandparents, parents, wives, children, grandchildren, friends, clergy, and employers It is also visited by our Korean brothers who served at JSA as KATUSAs and later as the ROK army. Any materials offensive to any of these groups will not be posted on our site. JSA soldiers have a right to be proud of their service and their organization. This site will present our men as they were, "standing tall" and proud. It is recommended that most submissions be made by E-mail. Some may be large enough so that it will be necessary to mail a CD or DVD disk to me at:

Ray Jones
7 Jim St.
Winslow, Maine 04901

If not otherwise possible, you may submit actual photos and documents to me by USPS mail. Once scanned, I will return your materials to you.

For JSA veterans by a JSA veteran