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Whether you lived at the Apple Orchard in Munsan/Sonhyu-ri (which was Camp Rice and later Camp Pelham and then Camp Garry Owen) or the Advance Camp (which became Camp Kittyhawk and is now Camp Bonifas), you are all JSA men (and two JSA women) represented by this site.

Because our main mission was to provide security in Panmunjom face to face with the North Korean Communists with the only friendly troops being behind us, we earned our motto daily:


We provided the up front muscle to enforce the armistice. With only .45s on our hips and determination in our hearts, we provided physical security for JSA/Panmunjom 24/7, and for the UN negotiators, and for the Neutral Nations observers.

We were greatly respected by the Korean people and considered a national treasure. Former Korean President Park Chung Hee wanted to create a special medal for JSA soldiers, but for some reason known only to the U.S. Army, it was declined. Years later on October 22, 1991, the UNCSB-JSA was awarded the Republic of Korea Presidential Unit Citation "for its success and significant contribution in maintaining a lasting peace on the Korean peninsula."

While JSA soldiers were hand picked, many were hand picked volunteers who had the option of being reassigned anytime they wished.If another invasion came, it was our duty to get the MAC and NNSC people to a helipad. There we would see them off because there would be no room for us. We were told that Freedom Bridge, to our rear across the Imjin River, would be blown just ten minutes after an invasion started. The fact was, as it was discovered later, the soldiers at Freedom Bridge were under orders to blow it immediately in the event of an invasion.

Were we all gamblers? No, we were a different breed of soldier who had an uncommon self-confidence.As one veteran described it "we had an attitude." Only a JSA veteran can fully understand and appreciate our experience. We lived it.


Security guards, escort, JDO, our generator man at the NNSC, our people at HQ, KATUSAs, and later the ROK army all played vital roles. All who served are invited to submit photos, yearbooks, stories and other materials for use on this site. Please join your brothers here. We also invite submissions from any others who have material which can help round out this presentation of the JSA experience. Please be sure that you own the materials or have the authority to allow them to be published here. .

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