November 2012 Message from Jim Mazour
Dear 1960's decade JSA veterans:


In my July 2012 JSA veteran information e-mail, I offered that this year's unseasonably hot summer season brought back memories of the hot Korea summer of 1973. I received a number of replies from JSA veterans with great stories of hot summer experiences in Korea, including this one from John Putz (73-74) of Edwardsville, Illinois.

I was there that summer.

I remember my hooch was, as you mentioned, a Quonset hut with no air conditioning and my room had no window. I did have a fan though. A funny story I remember is that we had this guy, he was one of the guys working in the arms room. I think his name was Burton. He was from Alamegordo, NM. He brought back from home a humidifier. He thought that would make it cooler. Of course it did just the opposite. His room was dripping with moisture. He actually thought it was working.

The mess hall wasn’t airconditioned

The library was, and it actually had a water cooler. Do you remember how bad that water was. It was yellow!! as was one of my favorite places in the world, the NCO club. $.25 for a cold Falstaff. They made a pretty good cheeseburger as well. The movie theater wasn’t airconditioned. It was barely heated. One space heater. I remember wearing my parka to the winter movies, and treating it like a tent.

There was a rec room. I was in there once. It had a tv no one but the katusas watched. I don’t remember air conditioning. I agree. Those days were golden. I have the fondest memories of my time there. But it seemed like the year and a half lasted forever. I remember buying beers for everyone one when I became a “two digit midget” , and my going away party at the new patio.

Thanks John, for sharing your memories of the Summer of 1973 with other JSA veterans.


Below is a link to the Criticalpast website, which contains two short color - but no sound, US Army films of Joint Security Area truck #16 following the 14 April 1968 Easter Sunday ambush by North Korean infiltrators as it traveled at night time from the JSA Advance Camp to Panmunjom. Four JSA soldiers - two Americans and two South Koreans were killed, and two other Americans were wounded. I have seen numerous black & white still photos of this truck at the ambush site on the road and on display at a Military Armistice Commission meeting held at Panmunjom to protest this murderous violation of the armistice. But this is the first color film I have ever seen of the bullet ridden truck These two films are entitled, "2nd Infantry Division soldiers inspect the United Nations Command truck ..," and described as being from April 10th. This is incorrect. The film board at the beginning of each film shows the date as 15 April 1968 - the day after the ambush.

Killed American JSA soldiers - SGT James Anderson of Camp Springs, Maryland and SP/4 Larry Wood of Barstow, Illinois. Killed KATUSA JSA soldiers - CPL Sun Chai Lee and PFC Ik Hong Kim. Wounded were American JSA soldiers - SP4 John Sharpeta from Pennsylvania and PFC Leroy Jacks Jr from Oklahoma.


In my February 2012 JSA information e-mail, I reported that on 17 March 1958 North Korean returned an uninjured US Air Force pilot (name unknown) who was shot down by North Korean ground fire on March 06th after his North American F-86 Sabre jet fighter aircraft accidentally flew over the DMZ. The pilot bailed out before his aircraft crashed. I have now identified this pilot as Captain Leon Pfeiffer of Kenosha, Wisconsin who was assigned to the 58th Fighter Bomber Wing based at Osan Air Force Base. Do any JSA veterans from the 1958 time period remember this aviator prisoner release event?


In August 2012, Mark Heathco of Hollywood, California, announced the publication of his book, Call Sign Purple #3, which is about one of his many patrols in the Korean DMZ. Heathco served in the JSA unit in 1981-82 and served a total of 10 years with various units of the Second Infantry Division. For more information about this book, please contact Heathco at his website link below.

Also, take the time to view the hundreds of Korea DMZ photographs posted at his website, including some not seen before photos of the 1968 USS Pueblo crew at the JSA Advance Camp.


JSA vet and tour organizer Ray Jones reports that the planned April 2013 return tour to Korea may not happen. The Korean tour company he is working with requires a minimum of 20 participants in order to get the quoted tour cost. The deadline for commitment to this tour was September 30th, and, at that time, Jones did not have the 20 participants committed to going on this tour. The tour company is willing to extend the deadline to December to allow Jones more time to gather the required 20 participants. If you want to be part of a return tour to Korea in April 2013, please contact Ray Jones through his website link below.


I send out this JSA information e-mail some four to five times a year to all known JSA veterans for whom I have an e-mail address. Currently this e-mail goes out to hundreds of JSA vets who served in the unit during now six decades. If you know of any JSA vets not currently receiving my e-mails that would like to begin receive them, please have them contact me, and give me an e-mail address.

Jim Mazour, JSA 1973-74
West Des Moines, Iowa

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