Courtesy of JSA veteran SGM Dave McAllister, ret.

SUBJECT: Item for Barefoot Tattler, February 2012 Issue


Many veterans, especially our Veterans from the World War II and the Korea eras, have received "0% Rating Decisions" from the VA. Far too many veterans in this category think this means the VA denied their claim. This is untrue. A "0%" Rating is a valid Service-Connected Rating and the VA is required to provide medical treatment for all "'0%" Service-Connected disabilities. econd, odds are the years-old disability has likely gotten worse and needs review. If you have any current treatment records for the disability, please present them to your nearest Veterans Service Office where you will be assisted in asking the VA to provide a current evaluation of the disability. The evaluation may well result in an award of a higher disability rating which will pay compensation. Please review those old Rating decisions to see if you have any "0%" ratings you thought were denials.

If you have a Disability Rating of 10% or more, your local Veterans Service Office may assist you in asking the VA to review the rating for a possible increased evaluation. You will need a copy of current treatment records concerning the disability. The VA is obligated to schedule you for a Compensation & Pension (C&P) Examination. When that happens, the VA, if it so chooses, can review and evaluate all of your Service-Connected Disabilities. [SOURCE: Brevard Veterans Service Team].

Thanks for listening.

Dave McAllister

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