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I begged him not to go.

There was a mother crying.

Yoon Seok Chun was a sergeant in the Wild Tiger's 26th regiment, 12th company, 1st platoon. She received very sad news that her son was dead. Her son was drafted into the army to go to Vietnam.

She cried in grief and said "I told you if you went there you would die. But you didn't listen to me; you went to there and you died. I can' t believe it are you really dead."

When she received her son's death notice, she cried. Her son's last sentence was "I blame the Yankees for getting me killed." She repeated the sentence and cried. No matter how much I cry, it won't bring my son back. My son is now an unhappy wandering spirit in Vietnam.

National soldiers! Yesterday corporal Kim's mother cried, today sergeant Yoon's mother is crying, and tomorrow private Choi's mother will be crying. Oh, our mothers! Since the Choson dynasty, Korean women have cried very much for many things. Why should they have to cry so much?

In the 5 years since 1964, the Korean army has been sending soldiers to Vietnam, the sound of Korean mothers' and wives' crying echos throughout Korea, and their tears have been flowing.

National soldiers! But traitor Park Jeong Hee, pretending to be a responsible man, has sent 200,000 Korean young soldiers to land of death (Vietnam). He drinks toasts as young Korean men become cannon fodder.

National soldiers! Never forgive the worst traitor Park Jeong Hee who caused death of young men and drinks toasts! They lie saying " You can earn much money and travel to Veitnam." to make you guys go to a death trap.

Strongly fight the policy of sending our young men to Vietnam.

Kill the Yankee aggressors.

Those imperialist aggressors! Kill them and get revenge. A few days ago,about 200 residents of Changj-ri in Kyounggido, Pajugun fought the imperilaist aggressors who usually are violent in the town. They hit the Yankees and knocked them down. This is a proper punishment for imperialistic aggressors who think Korea is their own country. Besides, they behave like wild animals. We bore it and bore it, but our feelings finally exploded.

In the 25 years since the Yankee aggressors have controlled South Korea, they have caused disaster and brought about suffering. Yakee aggressors slaughtered and committed acts of barbarity and atrocity, and they rudely insulted our country. This land was dyed red with blood because of the barbarity and slaughter by the Americans. The peoples' pent-up rage erupted and reached the sky. National soldiers! The suffering will never stop if the American imperialist aggressors stay in this land. Raise your rifles and swords in revenge of our national dignity for our own happiness, for the dead, for women and chldren who were insulted and down-trodden.

Capture and kill all Yanklee agressors in this land. - Veterans against America

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