Courtesy of JSA veteran Larry Loessin

Commie Propaganda
The following translations are courtesy of Anne Lee, the official JSA site translator

"Why can't the law punish the Americans?

"Dear Korean soldiers,

After the Korea-America executive agreement became effective last February 9th, during one month, the yankees had far too many criminal incidents - about one hundered eighteen.

By the way Park Jung Hee's gangster party never punished the yankees for their killings by car, their murders, rapes, thefts, arsons, etc. Park just said 'They were doing their official duties. The incidents are too small to punish.' So Park considered just one of the 118 incidents a crime.

What an insult to our nation! What a tratior and betrayer of our country! The agreement was an owner and slave's contract which protected only America's position. They made a mockery of all Koreans. The agreement was treated as fraudulent.

Soldiers! They made our family unhappy and suffering. We have to break down Park and his gangster party.We can make it into a real democracy and independent political power."

. . . .

For JSA veterans by a JSA veteran