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Group 1


Group 3

Group 4


Early 60's tour brochure

DMZ pass, NCO club card

North Korean brochure about Panmunjom - An hilarious 2nd opinion of the armistice

66 page Panmunjom Booklet from North Korea, complete with all their lies.

North Korean booklet "Museum of the War of Liberation". Did you know that NK claims the U.S. started the war? In 2011, China finally admitted that it was North Korea instead.

North Korean Panmunjom Pins

Other North Korean Pins

Historic Panmunjom Ashtrays from the table

Challenge Coins

Panmunjom Postage


Gift from Swedish NNSC to LTC Edward Seagraves (JSA Commander 1972)

JSA Cigarette Lighters - "Bul kadju oshibshio."

JSA brassware - More pages to be added

For JSA veterans by a JSA veteran