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.Joint Security Area (JSA)

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The JSA brassard worn by soldiers of the JSA.

Private Ken Lane, JSA 1958-1959

Died : October 2010

First published on with permission of Ken Lane

Republished here with permission of Ken Leighty, web master,

reformatted by webmaster,


 USNS Fredrick Funsten (Click image for larger view)

Given to Private Lane while on ship:








Left: Domain of the Golden Dragon given for crossing the 180th meridian.

Right: The fighting mans code.
















Above: Inside front cover of The Fighting Man's Code.

Right: Table of Contents.
























Noteworthy, the communications center where Private Lane worked circa 1958

The water tower at Advance Camp Circa 1958.


Left: Bridge of No return, Right Entrance to the JSA, circa 1958


Left: Entrance to the Neutral Nations Compound.  Right: Buildings straddling the MDL. Circa 1958.


Left: Conference room just before a meeting,  Right:Major Gibbons speaks to a group of men during a MAC meeting. Circa 1958.


Joe, circa 1958.  Note the baggy uniforms.