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.Joint Security Area (JSA)

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The JSA brassard worn by soldiers of the JSA.

Military Armistice Commission (MAC)

The Military Armistice Commission (MAC) has held secretary's meetings, joint duty officer's meetings, and general meetings for observation of the Armistice Agreement since its signing.  Informal contacts have been held between the UNC and the North Korean Panmunjom mission since May 1994.

Joint duty officer meetings can be called by either side.  The commander, Joint Security Force, is also authorized to call meetings (as was done at the end of the Firefight at Panmunjom in November, 1984).

While there have been hundreds MAC meetings since 1953, what goes on in these meetings is usually not widely known.  Protocol, for example, dictates the side to call the meeting is the first to speak and is also the side to adjourn the meeting.  After one side speaks, the statements are then translated into other languages (English, Korean, Chinese, etc).  A response follows. 

Below are the transcripts from 31 MAC and Secretaries (labeled MAC and MACS below) meetings including the meeting prior to the 1st MAC meeting "for the arrangement of the Commission".  Reading the transcripts can be entertaining, funny, even maddening. You be the judge.

Email your comments and/or photos concerning MAC meetings and I will add them to this page as they arrive.  If you have transcripts or even recordings of these meeting, please consider contributing to this page.  Contact Webmaster

Thanks to JSA vet Robert Poorman for his help and advice with this page.

MAC000 27JUL53 MAC001 28JUL53 MAC002 29JUL53 MAC003 30JUL53
MAC004 31JUL53 MAC005  2AUG53 MAC006 4AUG53 MAC136 02MAR61
MAC159 21NOV62 MAC160 29NOV62 MAC161 22DEC62 MAC162 28DEC62
MACS220 04NOV60 MACS222 23DEC60 MACS224 07JAN61 MACS232 07APR61
MACS233 26APR61 MACS234 25MAY61 MACS237 18NOV61 MACS238 05DEC61
MACS239 28DEV61 MACS240 16JAN62 MACS241 07FEB62 MACS242 28FEB62
MACS243 20MAR62 MACS245 12JUN62 MACS246 03JUL62 MACS247 31JUL62
MACS248 07AUG62 MACS250 15SEP62 MACS251 27OCT62