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The Front page of the ORIGINAL JSA website put together by Stan Suit and located at   WWW.PANMUNJOM.ORG.  Things change and THIS page is narrower than the original format.

This information comes from the Internet Archive and is very much incomplete.  The last entry in the archive for Stan’s site was January 2013.  Some of the links still work BUT they take you to the Internet Archive.  I will try to move what I can find over to this site in order to preserve what little exists about the Joint Security Area.


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Reminders are constant that, despite four decades of co-existence, nothing more than a temporary truce was declared between North and South Korea. One of the more horrific episodes in the fragile truce occurred in the summer of 1976 when an American work detail attempted to trim a tree which was blocking the view between checkpoints.. They encountered a sizable North Korean force. In the ensuing skirmish, two US army officers were hacked to death and at least nine soldiers wounded. This incident became known as the “Axe Murder Incident” The Joint Security Area (JSA) was renamed Camp Bonifas in memory of one of the slain officers. Many other incidents have occurred, some of which were captured on film and available on this web site. Letters of Commendation were handed out, and some received the Purple Heart.  A news report of an incident in October 9 of 1970 reminds us of why JSA remains, and is literally,  “In Front of Them All”! This is one assignment that requires nerves of steel!