Various Photos of the Axe Murder Incident

Wayne Kirkbride had a quite a few slides concerning the Axe Murder Incident and Operation Paul Bunyan.  He told me that 8th Army gave him a lot of material for his books including the slides.  8th Army also had created a “presentation” of what was believed to have happened the morning of August 18, 1976 and Kirkbride had copies of that presentation and would often use the material in his high school JROTC classes.  He gave me the entire box of slides so that I could make copies of whatever I wanted.  Below are just a few copies of what 8th Army gave to Kirkbride.

None of this is new.  I have seen it else where on the web.  But I had never seen the “presentation” slides before.  They diagram what is believed to have happened after the fight.

Feel free to take copies yourself.  Simply right-click on the photos and follow the instructions to “save photo” or “save image”.