Raymond Jones JSASITE

Raymond Jones created JSASITE.COM in answer to JSAVETS.ORG

It was his opinion that only a JSA veteran could create an accurate account of what went on at the Joint Security area.  Maybe he was right.  He certainly created a monument to JSA.

Ray strongly objected to JSAVETS.ORG because the webmaster was never assigned to the security battalion.  (I was assigned to Camp Liberty Bell located across the street.)  You can view his objections and some of his comments once you get to his home page.  Just right click in a “white” area and then VIEW SOURCE.  Then look for the comments: “Wayne eats Pablum” (a brand of baby food) and “I don’t need Front Page” (a webpage build tool I used to use).

Ray passed away in early 2013.  He left no information as to how to get into his website and the web hosting company would not release the information to his sisters.  So, our answer was to copy the site and restore it here.

Ray might not like his site being here but something this great just had to live on.  Here is your tribute Ray.  Thank you for your hard work.

Click here to visit Ray’s site