JSA Yearbooks are always welcomed on the web.  They provide a great “snapshot in time” of the JSA and JSF as it was.

If you are interested in contributing, contact the Webmaster for information on how you can be of help.

More yearbooks to come as they are offered by JSA Vets.  Right now … this is what is available:




1977 (incomplete)
166 photos only

1985 (PDF Format)


1995 (PDF Format)

Some of the yearbooks are copied by taking photos of the pages.  This can distort the way the page looks depending upon if the camera was in correct alignment with the yearbook.  Every effort is made to capture each page correctly but sometimes it just doesn’t happen and the page is capture at an angle or the page wasn’t flat when photographed and the result is curved text or photos when no curve originally was there.

Please excuse the distortions until new copies are available.